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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The eggcups are now at Designtorget and Im waiting for the next delivery of more green ones, really happy about them. The man of our house, HÃ¥kan, uses an eggcup here at home since a few weeks now . Mostly on saturdays and sundays when there is more time for a long breakfast, and I see it beeing really good in size and work just like I hoped!! And he also puts it back in place on the shelf...extra plus for this:))

Anyway right now the days are  passing very quickly and Im trying to fit in all I need to have done before a summer vaication. Children will be home from day care and school for summer LOV....we will see what will happen. No big plans,  hopefully nice weather good enough for swimming a bit and  relaxing. I wount be far away from my workshop:))

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