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Sunday, 11 May 2014

A relaxing weekend is soon to end, with time at home and in the garden. My garden that I love so much and that is always changing. Its having so many unfinnished projects and dreams...  Yesterday I cleaned our entrence ( a few years since last time) and cut the graas. With a hand mashine this time! I can feel it in my arms:) Today its been lots more rain and we, me and 9-year old Siri, planted small tomatoe plant in to new pots! The windows in our kitchen is now home for both small new plants and my own herbs and spices!

See here also my Sagaform teacup in action. The evening has been a mix of music, memory and  cycling a small plastic yellow truck. This last activity together with my 3-year old girl!

Life would absolutly be far less interesting without these smaller people, bringing my focus on something else but ceramic for a while!!

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