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Thursday, 6 November 2014


I joined NDC webshop now this month!


Camilla Engdahl recently joined us at Nordic Design Collective, but I’ve had my eye on her for a couple of years. This talented ceramist has a very unique style, and I think her products are going to be future design classics. We are so proud to be able to bring her products to you.
Tell us about your background!
I’m got my education at HDK in Gothenburg, the section for interior design. Previously, I had several years of education and work with clay and ceramics, but I had the feeling this was not enough, working only with my hands. I wanted something more! Today I’m happy for both my educations and the way they work together, in what I do and produce every day! For a few years I worked as a designer at Lagerhaus, a Swedish store for household articles. It was very interesting and I learned a lot about the way that the products that we developed should be simple and smart to attract a wide ranch of customers!
What inspires you to create?
It’s hard to say, one thing leads to another. When I started working with the white glaced ceramics with coloured decals, all I need is a specific task or problem thats needs to be solved to get going. Sometimes a new product just happens, but often its a much longer process.
The Bird pots for instance, has an longer story. From the start, it was quite a simple pot with a high lid. This pot was standing on the shelf in my workshop for about two years, I looked at it and wanted to get the right feeling and doing this special… something. A pot with lid, the idea was not totally unique. Then I started to play with the idea, putting different forms on to it. Something for lifting it, for carrying it and no matter how I did it, the pot came to look like a bird. A few different characters were developed, and not long after that, the Small Wingtail Birdpot was born. Soon after that the Owl and Baby Eagle followed, and the year after that the Family pots arrived! It’s like a domino-effect., once you have started it’s hard to stop :)
Do you have a dreamproject?
The ultimate cup. Or some other product. A product that will be used all over the world, because it’s the most unique or best functioning! This might take me a few years to achieve… :)


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